James Veigli

James Veigli lives in Melbourne, Australia and is the Founder of Business Profits Group, which incorporates the following brands:

Broker Profits Vault brokerprofitsvault.com.au
Specific products, training and high-level consulting for the mortgage and finance industry. Learn direct-response marketing, "non-sales" sales systems and business expansion strategies from someone who has lived, breathed and earned a six-figure income in the industry... while working part-time, with no stress and lots of time off to enjoy life.

The MAGNETIC Professional themagneticprofessional.com
Publishing a real book (not an eBook) is the most powerful marketing strategy available to professionals, but this normally takes many months of time, stress and money to complete. Here we help professionals self-publish a professional book within just 90-days... without them having to actually write the book at all!

Wealth Events wealthevents.com.au
Finding a financial advisor and expert you can trust to help you build wealth is extremely rare. We research and find experts who are at the top of their field... and then create special opportunities for you to learn from them and take advantage of their expertise. Regular workshops available.

To contact James for keynote presentations or private consulting enquiries, please email Clare: mail@jamesveigli.com or phone (03) 9024 1232 to arrange a confidential appointment.

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